Exit 188B, Interstate I-81, Lexington, VA

Prime Location

Just off Interstate 81, Exit 188B

Only Convenience Store/Filling Station this Exit

Local Traffic from Route 60

Between Lexington and Buena Vista

Poplar Hill Exxon $900,000*

Owners Ready to Retire, Make Offer!!

848 Midland Trail Located Just off of Interstate 81, Exit 188B

Lexington, VA 24450

3,108 Square Foot Building on .544 Acre Lot approx. 32 Parking Spaces

Convenience Store/Show Room Approximately 2,200 Square Feet

Men's/Women’s Rest Rooms

Two Bay Garage. Both Bays have Hydraulic Lifts.

Parts Storage Area off of Bays.

Not included in the 3,108 square feet is an addition to building that is used for ice production. Two ice machines are included with sale.

Convenience Store includes: Walk-in Cooler, Built-in Upright Freezer, Deli Equipment, ATM Machine, Shelving, Counters and other Display Units, etc;

Convenience Store is heated by Propane Gas Forced Air and has Central Air Conditioning. Garage has Oil Modine Heater.

Ten Pumping Islands, Eight for Gasoline, Two for Diesel

All Eight Gasoline Islands have Three Fuel Nozzles, One for each Octane

Fuel Tanks consist of; 10,000 gallon Unleaded (87 Octane)

6,000 gallon Plus (89 Octane)

8,000 gallon Supreme (93 Octane)

8,000 gallon Diesel

All fuel tanks are fiberglass. Everything was upgraded in 1993. There are plastic catch tubs under all four fill drops, and under all pumps. Under ground monitors have been installed to detect leaks and are connected to an alarm in the office. There has never been a leak or fuel spill on the property.

Water is supplied by a private well. Sewage is handled by two 1,500 gallon septic tanks and a small treatment facility. The discharge is tested annually, and has always exceeded state standards. Current owner has the septic tanks pumped annually at a cost of $300 total.

For more information, Contact Owner’s son, Dennis Hawes at 540-461-5263. Owner’s son is a Licensed Real Estate Broker in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

*Inventory and Fuel in tanks will be inventoried at time of sale and charged to buyer at the wholesale cost. Present owner will either maintain inventory or make all efforts to reduce inventory according to buyer’s wishes.